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  • Photograph of a Harbour Porpoise surfacing
    © Danielle Dion
  • Adopt a Harbour Porpoise Adoption Certificate

The harbour porpoise is the most abundant porpoise, but human activity is having a significant impact on its numbers.

With a symbolic adoption, you can help us raise awareness for serious conservation issues and support our research on harbour porpoise and their relatives.

  • Personalized, printable adoption certificate
  • Harbour Porpoise species profile
  • Spot on virtual recognition wall
  • Donation receipt for income tax purposes

Adopt a Harbour Porpoise

With the symbolic adoption of a harbour porpoise, you are helping to conserve porpoises and their habitats. Every adoption supports our research and education efforts and helps raise awareness for porpoises.

Want to donate as a gift or on behalf of someone else? Check "Dedicate this donation" and the name you enter will appear on the adoption certificate.